Trifecta Deck (From Arena 4 to 8)

Hi guys. I am here to start off my first post about Clash Royale.

In the title above, I am talking about a brand new deck.

So the deck I am talking about is the trifecta deck, and it is the trifecta deck I made that helped me to push from arena 4 to arena 8. By using it properly, it will definitely help you push to at least arena 7.


Roles of Cards

Hog Rider-This is to help to push to advance towards the tower. It should be backed up by the fire spirits. You can use it as a combo with any of the other troops.
Valkrye-Used as a tank. It can be placed in front of the Hog Rider to help to absorb damage as well as to take down skeleton army or goblins.

Musketeer- Used to take down air units especially Lava Hound or Baby Dragon. Also can be used against Witch. Can be placed behind Hog Rider.

Fire Spirits-Used to take down Lava Hound, Inferno Dragon or ground troops such as Hog Rider and Giant. Also can be placed behind Hog Rider.

Goblins-Used to take down Hog Rider or Giant. Also can be used to take down Musketeer. Not advisable to use it against Witch or Wizard.

Inferno Tower-Used to distract troops especially Giant or Hog Rider

Minion Horde-Used to take down ground troops that cannot attack troops in the air. Also can be used against Musketeer.

Fireball-To take down Minion Horde or groups of troops.


For the main push, I would suggest using Hog Rider and Fire Spirits/Goblins. If not, you also could use Hog Rider+Valkrye+Musketeer. You could also put Fire Spirits or Goblins as support. You could also put Valkrye+Fire Spirits/Goblins.


That is all for now. Be sure to watch out for my next post about Clash Royale-Decks.


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