Online Renovation Project coming up!

Hi all. I got something really EXICTED to share and that is, I am having a renovation project on my blog. Yea renovation, a weird word to use I know.

This post isn’t going to be long, I am just going to say that, from now on I will start creating E-Books about blogging, Singapore Secondary Schools, lifestyle and all! I will also be changing the design for this website.

I will start the maintenance for the renovation project tomorrow at 6pm. It will last until 10pm so don’t leave and think this blog is closing down. By 10pm, you will see a NEW, with new designs, new pages and most importantly, it will be modified to suit your needs so if you have any questions, PLEASE DO contact me. Also if you have any ideas, contact me too. The person with the best idea will win a free E-Book. Don’t forget to check it out!

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