How To Attract Traffic to Your Website

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So you are puzzling on how to attract traffic? Don’t worry because today I am going to teach all of you how to attract traffic to your website.

Traffic to Your Website (Why is it important)

Let me describe it in a simple manner. If you have no traffic but you got a lot of good posts, it is a waste of those posts. But if you have traffic and a lot of good posts, that is when you will get more traffic. In this post, I will teach you 5 ways to get traffic to your website. But first, let me tell you why nobody is reading your blog.

Why Nobody Visits Your Website

The reason is because you are not writing enough or you do not know how to advertise it.

To get visitors to your blog, you need to advertise it on your social media. Create a social media account if you don’t have one. Then keep promoting your website and your posts. Once is not enough, twice is just nice, thrice is best.

If you are sharing just once on your social media then might as well not share. If you are shared your content two times it would be just nice. Depending on the situation, you may need to share it thrice.

If you already advertised a lot on your social media, then it could be because of other reasons. Now, let me teach you 5 ways to increase traffic.

Guest Blogging

I have never tried this method before, but I have heard one of my friends try it out and it worked quite well. The best way to create a back line is by guest blogging. Guest blogging means posting on another website while you get a link to your website. This is one good way of earning huge amounts of traffic to your website. If you want to find people to guest blog for, I advise you to go to this website:

Optimize Your Blog


You have probably heard this a million times, but do you know how to use it?

Using social media could help you advertise your blog, but you need the search engine to “like” your website first in order to get more visitors. To do so, you will need a search engine optimization plugin. A lot of people recommend WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. You need to know that I recommend it too. It is really a good plugin (to me). Not only its free, but this plugin will help you to optimize your blog and make the search engine “like” it.

Like every other SEO plugin, it does everything it needs to do to help you optimize your website


Not only using SEO plugins will help, you could also comment on other blogs! Commenting help to increase your google page rank and it also helps to reach out to other visitors. By commenting, there is a chance that people who read the comments will visit your blog. Always use the same name and URL. Perhaps you could consider using your blog name as the name when you are commenting.

Write Well and Write Often

Writing well is not enough. You have to write often too. Only by writing often, you will get more loyal visitors as they will keep coming back to visit your posts. It is a win win situation for both, they get the information they need, you get the visitors you need.


Yup, advertising. Maybe you could consider paying $5 a day to facebook for them to advertise your pages, or pay other famous bloggers to help advertise your blog. I have never tried that before but it works quite well too! If you keep advertise more often, not only others will get to read your blog, they will also get to remember it because they see your advertisement so often. This way, you will gain many loyal visitors to your blog.

Links, images and many more!

Yup. Consider adding links to other websites in your post. If these blogs have the trackback feature, you will most likely get a link back to your own blog in the comment section of your posts. The other blogger would also see the links from your blog and they might include links to your blog in their pages too!

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