How To Get Your Social Media Account Popular-Part 1

Hi all. Today I will teach you guys how to make your social media account popular.

Follow Others

Go to a popular social media account and follow all its followers. Why? Some of its followers will definitely follow you back and this will give you some followers. You can unfollow them later if you wish.

Hashtags (#)

Yup. Keep hashtagging and definitely someone will follow you. You and do a google search on trending hashtags.

Liking pictures

It may not sound like a good idea but by liking other pictures, there is a slight chance some people may follow you. I have liked over 3000 pictures and I have quite a lot of followers on my account.
Go to the explore page and start liking the photos. Soon you should see some followers.


Commenting is a good way to enable others to notice you. By commenting on others pictures, you should realise that you will soon be followed by others. Some people might also want to find others to follow, so by commenting you reach out to them.

Sorry guys but I am a bit tired. I will post part 2 tomorrow.

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