Why Should I Start A Blog

Blogging blogging blogging. Everytime you search on the internet, the searched results will contain at least 1 blog post. Wow, blogging is so powerful. But do you know why should you start a blog? If you don’t, continue reading.

I have many hobbies before, but blogging is by far the BEST hobby which even helps me to earn money. Think about it, instead of slogging your guts out at the office waiting for 6pm everyday, earning very less and spending very little time with your family, why not spend a few hours a day and earn money online and you will have LOTS of time to spend with your loved ones! Not only that, if blogging is your hobby, you will find it very enjoyable to blog and earn money. Isn’t that good?

Why Should I Start a Blog And What Are The Benefits

Blogging can be a hobby, yet a job. By blogging, you will be able to vent your frustrations online if you have any, share you knowledge with everyone or even make new friends. Also, if you are a good blogger, you might be even able to earn some money from it! Let me tell you more about the benefits you get from creating a blog.

1. It Improves Your Writing Skills

Yup, it is true. By blogging consistently, you will improve your writing skills as you start to get used to writing. Also, by blogging you get to learn new words as sometimes you might have to research on the topic you are blogging.

2. It Helps To Build Confidence

When you blog, you are posting on a website that everyone all around the world could see. By then again, they will not be able to see you in person so no matter what you type you somehow won’t feel embarrassed. If you don’t feel embarrassed by blogging and voicing out your opinions online, soon you will build up your confidence.

3. You Can Relieve Stress

When someone you know makes you very angry or gives you stress, you could blog about it online instead of scolding that person. In this way, you will relieve your stress

4. You Get To Make Money

Yes, you get to make money. Nowadays there are many ways for bloggers to earn money. From Pay per click ads (PPC) to affiliate marketing, there are many many ways to earn money. Once you have gained some traffic, you would be able to earn money!

5. It Is Cheap

Yup, it is cheap and affordable to start with and once you started earning money you would be able to earn the money you used to start a blog. Isn’t it good?

So, you don’t have to blog to earn a steady income. Blogging could be either your passion or your job or both! If you haven’t started, what are you waiting for? Start a blog now!

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