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Hi all.

As you guys should know, guest posting is a good way to increase traffic, whether you are the guest blogger, or the person accepting the guest post. It helps to form a connection between both blogs. So starting from today, I will be accepting guest posts.

If you would like a guest post on SG Teo Jun Jie, please send an email to sgteojunjie@teojunjie.com and tell me what type of post you are trying to write. Also, include a link to your website. If we have decided to allow you to write a guest post, please write a post using the following guidelines.


Good Content: Your post should have rich and good content. You should write no less than 1000 words. Please make sure you include keywords in your post and make sure your content is original. Include headers and sub headers in your post. Make sure it is SEO friendly.

Credits: Please include a paragraph at the top of the post with your websites and a link to your website.

Good Grammar: Please write in standard English. No slang words unless allowed by me. Double check your post and do the needed modifications before sending it to me.

Let me say first, I reserve all the rights to the guest post and even though you are the one that wrote it, you are NOT allowed to post it on your website. You are allowed to post links to it though. Also, I will have the rights to make modifications that are needed.


This is imporant. When you copy and paste the post, don’t copy and paste the text version. Copy and paste the html version of your post into a .txt file and attach that file to me.

After I Publish It

Once the guest post is published on SG Teo Jun Jie, you should promote it on your blog. 
So basically, these are what you should do if you want to write a guest post on my blog. Any questions? Leave a comment!

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