5 Things You Shouldn’t Care For When Starting A Blog

So you have read the post about why you should start a blog? Now, if you have started a blog, you would definitely want to know 5 things you shouldn’t care for when starting a blog. When I first started a blog, I did not know about all these and I wanted others to avoid my mistakes. When I approached Ana Arsovska, the author of 365 Beauty Tips to write a guest post for a website, she offered to write about 5 things you shouldn’t care for when starting a blog. I accepted the topic she offered and she wrote it for SG Teo Jun Jie. Let’s have a look at it.

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So when I think about my early days, right there at the beginning, I remember being so lost and confused. I soaked up so much information by reading about blogging and listening to people’s tips but I just didn’t know what to do with all that. It was all so overwhelming, and I have to admit that some days it still feels like that.Hi all! I’m so excited to write my first post about blogging. I still consider myself a beginner in the blogging world (I’ve been more active on my blog for 3 months now), but I feel like I have come a long way for such a short time. I’m learning every day and I’ve chosen to give myself some time to grow and work my way up. I always try to remember that “patience is key”.

I’ve been hearing that saying “The beginning is always the hardest” over and over again, and honestly, I think that’s a huge understatement. It’s not easy as it looks – it can be very difficult, stressful and challenging. I’m just being honest. This however, should not demotivate you and my advice is to just go for it. No matter if you’re thinking about starting up a blog, you’ve just got your domain, or already have a blog and written your first post, just keep on writing!

Anyways, there are some things I wish I didn’t focus on right at the start. I spent my time thinking about irrelevant things and worrying too much, instead of staying positive and taking smaller steps. I’m writing this post just to share those little mistakes, and encourage all beginners to just don’t get stressed about these things.

So here’s my list on 5 things you shouldn’t care for when starting a blog:


First on my list, because it’s likely you’ll run across these people right at the beginning. When I was thinking about starting my blog I talked about it with friends, family, colleagues and just people I know in general. Sadly, I got more disapproval than support. People were discouraging me, saying things like “it won’t work”, “it’s not for you”, “it’s not worth it”, etc.

This type of negativity was just thrown at me daily, and now I regret letting it get to me. I was full of doubts and actually considered not doing this, thinking “what if they’re right? Maybe this isn’t for me”. People’s pessimistic views threw me off tracks for a while but on the other hand, I had friends that supported me and pushed me to go for it and pursue my dreams. I am so grateful for them!

I really hope you don’t meet naysayers on your journey. If you do, just don’t let them influence your decisions and just try to block their negativity. Stick to the ones that support you and stay on the optimistic side.

Just do your thing and don’t care about the naysayers!

2.Likes and followers

While being in the process of starting up my blog, I created all social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. And guess what? I didn’t get likes, follows or repins right away. My Facebook fan page was a ghost town, I got 30 followers on Instagram, and I was the only one to save my pins on Pinterest. This was so disappointing and I was wondering what am I doing wrong. Now I know that the only wrong I did was worrying. Overthinking it, refreshing all my feeds, expecting likes and follows. Honestly, I regret doing all that. At one point I just stopped and decided to focus on my content and worry about social media later.

And that worked. The more posts I had, my likes and followers grew, so right now I feel like expecting some feedback overnight was just so silly.


So don’t worry about your social media profiles not getting attention at the start. These things take time, so just write, promote and stay patient. It will get better!


Believe it or not, striving for perfection is not always great. I wanted to have the best design, the perfect photos and the greatest content. I only ended up being disappointed with my blog because somehow I forgot that I’m not a professional writer, photographer or blogging expert. I’m just a girl trying out this blogging thing, and I needed a while to understand that it’s okay to make mistakes and it’s totally fine to use unprofessional photos at first. I learn as I go and now I’m retaking my photos and editing my old posts, finally realizing that there are some things that I just couldn’t know right at the beginning (like using the right lighting & set for my photography). Making all these mistakes was actually good for me because they’ve helped me learn to improve and progress.

I’m still not happy with how my blog looks and my writing in general, but I keep on trying and work hard.

I’m not saying that you should publish bad content and don’t give your best. Just don’t expect perfection and don’t push yourself too much, especially if this is your first blog. Sometimes we aim up so high and forget about the small steps.

Your work can’t be perfect at first, in any field, and that’s totally normal.

Remember that knowledge takes time and practice makes perfect.

4.Being broke

Having no money shouldn’t stop you from starting up a blog. A lot of people get demotivated because they’re broke, thinking they need a lot of money to start up and maintain a blog. Truth is, you don’t have to be a millionaire to build your own website. You just have to choose the right tools.

I didn’t invest a lot in my blog- I bought my domain for only a dollar for a year and payed a little amount for hosting on Hostgator. I use WordPress for free and didn’t buy a theme – I picked it on WordPress for free. I also do my Pinterest and Instagram graphics for free on Canva and I recommend it to everyone, it’s so simple and easy to use (a lot easier than Photoshop!).

You don’t need the most expensive professional camera for taking your photos. I use my Nikon camera but sometimes I take photos with my phone, so my posts contain both types of images.

Phones nowadays have great cameras so you don’t really need to spend a fortune on a professional camera or get a whole photography studio set up. Start small, and build your way up!


Last but not least, the money. It’s what many people go for and decide to start a blog hoping to get rich. If you’re in just for the money, you’ll probably get demotivated very quickly and give it all up.

I started earning from my blog just a month ago, and all I got so far is just a tiny amount of money (so little that I’m not even sure that the word “earning” is appropriate). I’m so far from making a living from my blog, but I keep on writing because that’s not what essentially brought me here.

The harsh truth is that earning from a blog doesn’t happen overnight. Money just won’t come your way after you write a few posts. They won’t show up for a month or two either. And after all, if you’re not genuinely interested in your niche and just blogging in general, you will walk away.

However, if you have a passion about whatever your blog is about, and you really enjoy writing, sharing your thoughts and connecting with other bloggers, then you shouldn’t care about the money!

Choose a way to monetize your blog, whether with an affiliate program or ads, and keep up the hard work. It’ll take some time, but eventually your blog will grow and you will get to earn from it.

Are you too a beginner blogger? Can you relate to some of the worries I listed above? Let me know in the comments section below!


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