Ways To Earn Money by Blogging

Blogging, to a lot of people, is a source of money. For some, it is their passion, and for some, it is both money and passion. Well, if you are reading this now means you want to earn money by blogging but perhaps you just don’t know how.

Yes, I know it is ironic that even though I am the one talking about it here, I have not made any money online by blogging. You may ask yourself ,”Why should I trust this random guy talking about making money when he is just in Seconday school and haven’t made any money by blogging online?” Let me give you the answer to this question.

Even though I have never made a single dollar online, I actually have the choice to place ads or make money through Amazon Affiliate. I have two accounts on two different adsense websites and an account on Amazon Affiliate. I just haven’t got the time to configure my PayPal accounts yet.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic. Let me give you 5 ways to earn money by blogging.


PPC ads, also known as pay per click ads, is a way that almost every website that earns money uses. Everytime someone clicks on your advertisement, you will get paid a small anount of money.

CPM ads are known as cost per thousand impressions ads. You would get paid a fixed amount of money every 1000 impressions on the ad.

I personally prefer PPC ads as it is not so complicated.

2. Selling Online Products

Yup, online products! You could make an online product like an e-book, and then sell it for a small sum of money. Maybe consider selling online courses?

Remember to create an online product that people needs. Do a survey and ask people what do you think they would need.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a popular way to earn money online. Some of you might not be familiar with the word affiliate. Let me explain to you how it works: 

1. You get a special link of a product that you can put it and advertise it on your website.

2. Somebody sees the advertisement of the product on your website and decides to buy it and views the product page online by clicking that link.

3. After the person has paid for it, you will get a commission for selling that product.

Understand now? Its like being a sales agent.

4. Sell Services!

Yup! Sell services! You could consider selling services to people. Like example, you could help people make their blog and design it for a sum of money. Or you could help them turn their blog into a profitable one. Or maybe you could advise them on what to do to their blog?

I don’t know. There is many different types of services you could sell. Maybe think of one that no one has ever done before?

5. Sell Membership to Your Website

Selling membership? Sounds like an idea that totally won’t work. Well, not if you have some good content on your website that will make people want to spend money for.

Maybe you could post some really good content and sell membership to it? If you do that, consider allowing people without membership to the content to view a portion of the content and if it is really good, they might consider paying for the membership!

It all depends on…

You! That’s right! It all depends on you. You could decide what you want to do on your website and how you want to turn it into a profitable website! Good luck!


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