Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing

For many of you, affiliate marketing might sound familiar to you, but do you know how to earn money from it and what it is about? Here at SG Teo Jun Jie, I will be teaching you how to earn money through affiliate marketing.

You may be wondering, I don’t advertise any products here, how could I teach you about affiliate marketing? Well, the only thing that is stopping me from using this method is that I am still busy with other things and I am to busy to start affiliate marketing. Let’s not go off the main topic.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing works in a manner such that, it is like you being a sales agent. You advertise a product on your blog, someone buys the product through your blog, and you get a small commission. You may think a small commission is not enough for you, but after a few months you will start to earn more.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is cheap and efficient. You don’t need to spend money at all and you get to earn money. If you manage to sell a lot of the product, you may even be able to get free samples of the product!

Not only that, you don’t need to provide customer support because as I said, you are just advertising it and helping to sell it, not selling it.

PPC (Pay Per Click) VS Affiliate Marketing

So now we are talking about PPC ads? What is the difference between both? Let me explain to you in a simple way.

Honestly, both ways are good but the PPC ads method is for people who is alright with earning money slowly. You see, you earn money from PPC ads when somebody clicks on it, but even then, it is a small amount like maybe 20 cents, but it is faster though. If you want to earn a larger amount of money bit by bit, affiliate marketing is still better as once someone buys the product you a larger amount of money like maybe $20? It depends on the product.

How Do I Start?

It is easy to start off with Affiliate Marketing

When you want to start affiliate marketing, make sure your website has at least 1000 visitors per month. Then, base on the topics you mostly blog about, go and register for an account with a product, or maybe something like Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon Affiliate is good in the sense that, they would help you choose what type of products to advertise on your website. However, I don’t use it even though I have an account already. Amazon Affiliate is a good way to start off with as you can simply sign up for an account and start earning money fast.

If you don’t really like Amazon Affiliate or you just want to sign up for one affiliate account with one specific brand or product, then consider going to the product website to see if they allow people to sign up with them for an affiliate account.

Things To Take Note Of

Remember to research on the popularity of the product or brand. Don’t think it is not important. I’m pretty sure if the product is not popular during this few months then you should not advertise it unless the commission is high. I’m not saying you shouldn’t, maybe if you advertise it on your website the product may be popular? I don’t know. It depends on you.

Also, website traffic is also important. So what if you are advertising a super popular product but there is no one that is viewing it, what’s the point? Increase the traffic that your website receives by using different ways.

Use new methods that you never used before to promote the product you are advertising. Use methods that would definitely help. Maybe you could consider doing a research on different methods?
I hope you people have benefitted from this post. Please give me a comment about any questions and I will definitely reply you.

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