From 0 to 1000 Viewers Per Month Part 1.

Hello all. Today i am going to talk to you guys about how I got my blog from 0 viewers to 1000 viewers per month. 

1000 viewers might not be a lot compared to 10000 or 100000 viewers, but it is a significant milestone when you start blogging. I will be starting a 5 post series on this topic.

So, don’t talk about 1000, even 10 is a lot when you just start blogging. Not everyone will get 10000 viewers when they just started blogging. 

Take It Easy

Of course you should take it easy. Don’t keep spamming posts every few hours. Consider writing posts daily. 

Google Webmasters 

Yup, Google Webmasters tools are a GOOD way to get your posts indexed onto Google. Write good content and use Google Webmasters. In my next post, I will talk more about Google Webmasters tools. 

Sorry guys, as I am busy nowadays, I will post part 2 in a few days time. Sorry for this post being short. Comment?

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