5 Things You Need To Know When You Have A Blog-Part 1

When I first started blogging , you could say I was one of the most terrible bloggers you could know. My posts were often 10-50 words long, and it was often meaningless. It was about my personal life and all that. I wanted to blog just to earn money. Don’t lie, I know a lot of you start a blog for this reason too. It was only after 3 years of blogging when my standard improved a lot. From an average of 10-50 words per post to an average of 600 words per post. I know it is not that impressive but, it does make a difference.

People always think that blogging is definitely an easy and steady source of money, let me tell you it is not. Yes, if your blog is popular you might earn a lot of money, but to make it popular it is going to need very tough and it will take a lot of perseverance. 

After I started blogging, I kept trying to apply for Google Adsense. I thought with just around 100 visitors per month, I could start earning money. I was wrong though. Earning money isn’t as easy as it seems but it could still be easy if you know how to do it. After I quit blogging for a while in September 2016, my visitors per month dropped drastically to 10 visitors per month. Now, I get an average of 1200 visitors per month. Not bad eh? Within 2 months from 10 visitors per month I increased the visitors to 1200 visitors per month and it is still increasing. Now, let me tell you guys 5 things you need to know when you own a blog.

1. Quality, Not Quantity 

Having 3 GOOD blog posts is better than having 3000 terrible blog posts. People nowadays will only care about quality, not quantity. 

When I first started a blog, I was publishing posts at a very fast rate. I would publish about 3 blog posts per day. But the quality wasn’t there, and did my visitors increase? No. If you blog a lot of low quality posts and you hope to earn money from it, then maybe you should change your mindset. If you put quality and quantity together, quality is still more important.

2. Building Popularity is Not Number One

Yes, it is not number one. The most important thing is to have your page indexed by google, and being top on Google Page Rank is number one. If you are top on the search results page, people will more probably visit your website.

Take it easy and relax. Improve your Google search ranking first.

So, now sorry for not being able to continue. I hope you enjoy this post. 


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