Why Should I Think Before Speaking

Lots of people speak whatever they want, and then regret what they said after that. Sometimes, it does not matters but sometimes, you could have hurt someone’s feelings without knowing. Saying sorry might be the next action you will take, but by then the damage might have been done. 

In this post, I will cover why you should think before speaking. 

In the past, I always spoke my mind and never thought about the consequences. To some people, it is a virtue but to some, it is a bad habit. I mean, if someone just fell down and you wanted to laugh and you just laugh like that, the person who fell down will feel angry right? But if in class you have questions and you just ask, that is good right?

Normally, before you want to say something, think about the consequences. What would happen if you were to say that? Would the other party be hurt?

Now, let me start talking to you about some scenarios and why you should think before you speak. 

Scenario 1:Argument

One day you are with your friend, he does something that makes you unhappy and both of you get into an heated argument. You have now 2 options to choose from. 

 1.Tell him about everything you want to say.

2. Control yourself and think before speaking

If you were to just shout at him and tell him everything you are unhappy about, chances are, you might hurt your friend’s feelings. It might even end your friendship. However, if instead you just control yourself and think before speaking, you might be able to calm you and your friend down. 

You might ask, “Why am I the one who gives in?”  Well, if none of you gives in, your friendship is most probably gone. Instead of arguing, why not end the conflict?

Scenario 2:Lessons

During lessons, the teacher is talking, you suddenly raise up your hands and ask questions without thinking. That will most probably be good as your teacher will know the answers to your questions!

When Is It Good, When Is It Bad?

Good question! It is only good when you are not hurting someone. If you say it to hurt someone, you might want to think twice about how that person would be made fun of and the words you are going to use because sometimes, it could be terrible.


Anyway, thanks for reading!

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