About me


Hi all. I am Teo Jun Jie. I am a Secondary 3 student living in Singapore. Sadly I am also a nobody :(. Some of my friends once told me that blogging was useless and nothing good could come out from it. That was one reason I stopped blogging. I can’t deny that I started initially to earn money. When I couldn’t earn money, I stopped blogging. Now, I am back to start blogging again. Why? I decided that earning money is not so important now. I only want a platform for me to talk. I want to share my knowledge with everyone, and I also want to give advises to people. I want people who visit my blog to take away useful information that might be able to help them in their life. In this blog, I aim to cover topics on daily life.

How did I get this idea? Well, I was thinking of a topic for my blog and then I decided that instead of staying on one topic, why not talk about different things? This would definitely be useful to people. I hope everyone that reads this blog could leave a comment behind, so as to help me to improve myself. After all, I am here not only to advise people on things, but also to improve.

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