Choosing a Career Path

I am back after so long! Sorry for not posting for quite a while I was really really busy. Today I will be talking about whether should one choose to work towards a good paying job, or their dream job. This is a very common issue between Singaporeans. As teenagers, we often have our dreams. […]

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Why Should I Think Before Speaking

Lots of people speak whatever they want, and then regret what they said after that. Sometimes, it does not matters but sometimes, you could have hurt someone’s feelings without knowing. Saying sorry might be the next action you will take, but by then the damage might have been done.  In this post, I will cover […]

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Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing For many of you, affiliate marketing might sound familiar to you, but do you know how to earn money from it and what it is about? Here at SG Teo Jun Jie, I will be teaching you how to earn money through affiliate marketing. You may be wondering, I don’t advertise […]

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