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Why Should I Think Before Speaking

Lots of people speak whatever they want, and then regret what they said after that. Sometimes, it does not matters but sometimes, you could have hurt someone’s feelings without knowing. Saying sorry might be the next action you will take, but by then the damage might have been done.  In this post, I will cover […]

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Day 16-Cavemen Regimen

Hi all. Today is the 16th day of the cavemen regimen I am doing and I am glad to say that my face is very much different from before. The face produces really less oil now and the dry skin flakes on my skin is getting more and more, making it look older. However, now […]

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Hamster Food Care

A hamster, like all humans, need to eat. However, just like us humans, they also need to eat proper food and there is some food they cannot eat. Today, I am going to cover this topic. To start off with, when you first get a hamster, it is important to know what you should feed […]

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